Edmonton Sign Services


After a thorough examination of the property and surroundings we can determine where signs are needed at the site for identification and directional purposes. We will take accurate measurements, photos, determine if there is electrical access and local code information. Our goal is to find the most visibility & access of your sign to increase the volume of traffic that passes your location every 24 hours.


At OnSite Sign Group Inc. we understand that a creative and marketable sign is necessary to attract the targeted audience. Our company's award winning design team incorporates all logos and related material into the sign it builds for the prospective client. They work close together with our engineers and production managers to assure a satisfactory and effective sign design.


Our team of engineers will ensure that the best structural design is implemented. This includes design and specification for all sign components, including face decoration, lighting, structure, metal fabrication and painting. We will offer help with manufacturing suggestions, valued engineering and installation methods. We will find solutions for any technical issue.


Our company is aware of local municipal codes and city ordinances and will not fabricate or install any project until all the necessary permits have been issued. OnSite Sign Group typically manages all paperwork involved in the permitting process. All costs associated with the permits (i.e. man-hours, city fees, etc.) are not included in the contract. This service is provided on a time and material basis.

Project Management

Our project management team’s primary focus is to assure tha the customer requirements are achieved and all projects are tracked from start to finish. Our project managers are accustomed to working under tight deadlines. Everyone on our team works together to make sure your project is done right the first time.


All manufacturing is done in-house using the latest technology with state-of-the-art machinery and lighting supplies to produce your signs with the highest quality of material and product. We will manufacture your sign based on an existing design or manufacture a product based on a completely new design concept.


Once your sign has been manufactured and is ready to leave our facility, we send our experienced technicians who are qualified and very knowledgeable to install your sign. We have sophisticated technical equipment from cranes to ladder trucks to install any kind of sign or banner at any location. We also provide swing-stage work for high-rise buildings.


For companies that do not have a maintenance agreement with OnSite Sign Group, we offer sign repair services on a time and material basis. Our prices are competitive, our expertise and equipment are unrivalled and we respond in a timely manner. Repair request forms are available on our homepage at the bottom. Simply fill out the online form with all pertinent information and send it to us.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage offers unparalleled opportunities to capture your audiences' attention, educate and inform your customers, build brands, and drive both sales and profitability. Using dynamic targeted messaging your signage will not only have a higher relevancy to your audience, but it will also serve as a more affordable alternative to traditional printed signage.

Night Patrol

Many needed sign repairs and lighting outages go unnoticed during daytime working hours. Letting these problems go unresolved can hurt your business, damage images and jeopardize safety in some cases. OnSite Sign Group offers night patrol services to regularly check signs and lighting during the night when problems are most visible.

Maintenance Agreements

An OnSite Sign Group Inc. maintenance agreement is a no-hassle way to protect your organizations image and reduce liability by keeping your signs and lighting at peak working condition. We charge a flat monthly rate with no hidden "extras". This eliminates invoices to review and unexpected sign repair expenses. All above ground labor and materials for maintenance or repairs for the signs and lighting listed in the agreement are covered. This includes neon, transformers, housings, lamps, ballasts and wiring. As an added value to our maintenance clients, we send out regular night patrols to check your location thoroughly. This often allows us to dispatch a technician to repair outages before anyone at your location has even noticed them.