Pylon Signs Manufacturer Serving Edmonton & Calgary Alberta

A free-standing pylon sign can range from a single pole to a two column structure, all the way to an intricate custom design. Pylons not only are an efficient use of space while providing visibility from long distances, but they also have potential to generate revenue from tenants.

They are low maintenance and customizable by easily swapping out faces to cater to all business branding needs. LED lights that are used to light pylon signs are highly efficient and low maintenance. LED message boards can also be added to any pylon sign to ramp up the advertising real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pylon Signs are free standing structures that can be single or double sided. They normally consist of single or double columns. They are made with steel and have a concrete foundation. The faces are either flex face/lexan or acrylic with graphics applied. Either digitally printed or cut vinyl.

Pylon Signs can generate revenue from tenants, they can be seen from long distances and they are an efficient use of space.

Our highly experienced team here at OnSite Sign Group will help you decide on what the best design and layout is according to your specific business needs.