Edmonton Foundation & Concrete

After we have gone through the steps of surveying, designing, engineering and received permit approvals, we can then start foundation and concrete work. This is something that would be necessary for pylon structures. The footings of the sign are very important to the integrity of the structure; therefore we ensure the best structural design is implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation and Concrete Work are essential in any free standing sign structure. It not only helps to balance and transfer the load of the structure, but it increases the stability of it as well. We can make rectangular footings or round, depending on the design of the sign structure that we make for you.

The benefits of have Foundation/Concrete Work done is that it not only adds to the esthetic of the structure, but it is a critical part in the ensuring integrity of the entire structure itself. Without proper foundation or concrete work in place, the integrity of the structure itself will be compromised.

Our highly experienced team here at OnSite Sign Group will help you decide on what the best design and layout is according to your specific business needs.