LED Message Board Manufacturing Edmonton & Lloydminster, Alberta

LED message boards are an excellent way to display any business message. Whether that be through vivid colour and graphics or a singular colour message. The eye is naturally drawn to this digital programming option for signage and is a high-impact way of getting the attention of customers. LED message boards potentially can generate revenue, therefore the investment will pay for itself. It is an excellent way to diversify advertising that can easily be changed at any time. This type of signage can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED Message Boards, also referred to as Electronic Message Boards, is a sign that has small LED lights installed to boards that are electronically hooked up to read as one electronic digital board. The electronic message board components receive a wireless signal of exactly the message or advertising that is programmed for the board to display.

Benefits of an LED Message Board are that it can generate income from advertising, they can increase sales, and they have the capacity to advertise multiple messaging or branding in a short period of time that will be seen. The messages can be easily swapped out at any time with a few clicks of a keyboard and this type of sign is a very high impact visual that will get the attention of anyone passing by.

Our highly experienced team here at OnSite Sign Group will help you decide on what the best design and layout is according to your specific business needs.